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~Rita Mae Brown
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Mind Numbing Fear

So, finally, after five years, one portion (the Veteran's Affairs bit that's supposed to 'even out' what my disability will cost me for the rest of my life - ie: apparantly I'm 25% disabled) is on it's way as we speak.

And it would be a fantastic and lovely amount of money if'n I didn't have $30,000 worth of debt that the last five years caused (and which I am still seeking compensation for).

Regardless, I can pay everything off, fix lovely Miles (my car) and ship it over to MaJen before her poor thing kicks the bucket, get a new-er car with better gas mileage for myself, some dental work, prepay my rent for a year to allieviate some of the "whatifIdon'tmakeanymoney howwillIpaytherent fear, and I will actually have enough money left over to invest some for the actual future AND seed money to start my business.

Up to this point the thought has always been in the back of my mind that this day just wouldn't come and I've almost been okay with that.

But now?  Now I'm just scared spitless.


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Reader Comments (1)

I'm heaving a bit with you. But it's all good. And it's all gonna be okay. {hugs}

July 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJennifer

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