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Why Does It Smell Funny in Here?

DAMMIT, I just had a massive post... and lost it.I obviously need to brush up on my skills. So, let's give it another go, shall we? 

It's been a long few years for me. Emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, geographically. Sadly, it's not over yet and I just don't have it in me to chronicle it - which is why I just haven't been around. I've spent a lot of time just barely hanging on to everything, to anything by the skin of my teeth.

I'm back mostly cause, although the only change I've made lately is geographical, financially things have gotten even worse and lacking any room on any credit card I've been migrating, consolidating and getting rid of those monthly drains I just don't need anymore.  Typepad - gone.  MozyHome backup - gone.  Squarespace and smugmug stay.  Can't afford the upgrade here to forward the getsoutmore domain here for another couple weeks so I'd be surprised if anyone even noticed I was back.  I guess I'll have to bandy it about a little.  Anyways, if there is still anyone else knocking about, you'll notice some changes every day until I get my shit together.

Why don't these people take paypal payment?  Just askin'.

The big changes - Cabot's gone.  Katerina (Kaetlan Cares Not) passed a year ago.  I moved (but no job here yet).  Still in school.  Still in pain.  No (5 years and counting) nothing from the military.

I've changed the things within my power to change, which is awesome and good but when so much of your life is overshadowed by the one thing you have no control over - such changes bring small relief at best.

The house here has pretty much been torn apart and is being reno'd from the ground up so I do little bits of worky things interspersed with resty things.  Today, I've harvested some lavender, planted some watercress, chives and parsley, messed about and deleted my typepad account, weeded a shady bit of the garden and picked some rocks.

Picked rocks?  What, now?  The people who lived here before, in addition to letting the LARGE back garden overgrow for a few years, took it upon themselves to lay landscaping fabric over the front and side yards (quite big in their own right) which they then covered with rock.  Great way to keep the weeds down, yeah?  EXCEPT THEY THEN PUT DOWN 4-5 INCHES OF DIRT ON TOP OF THE ROCK.   ID-I-OTS.

Anyone need a tonne or two of pretty rocks?  Free!

The renos in my part of the house are based on what I want, which is pretty cool considering I'm the tenant so I've been trying to incorporate old things and well, rocks, into stuff.  Reuse!  Recycle!

There was a small storage/pump room (we're on well water here) that is being converted into my kitchen and the 80's vanity had to come out of the bathroom.  I painted both of them (well, Chris did, since I can't use my arm*click anything to biggie it*s that way) a light grey.  Then we picked up an old cupboard with glass doors and a counter, repainted them white, mounted them on leftover bricks and installed a pre-used sink.  Then I got a scratch and dent brand stinking new convection gas stove and fan/microwave.  Waiting for the fridge from upstairs to make it's trip down here and then we'll build a counter/cover/access for the pump.  I tiled the floor in grey and we got ceramic tile for the new countertops and we'll be putting up glass shelving along both walls so it doesn't feel all closed in.  Wth my red accents it should be pretty stylin' once it's done.  There's no window so I picked up a grow light and will be making a 'non-window' with some herbs and things over the cutting board area.  A couple pics 'in progress'.... that counter thing on the right has since been turfed - it's where the fridge will go.... anyways, a lot like camping here at the homestead.   

Since I normally have a bath every night for my back, we were going to pull the shower-only out and install a jetted tubby for me but I traded the extra cost of that and the new plumbing off on getting a better household hot tub.   Smart move on my part, I think.  We got a new vanity onsale (named Vanessa)....

....at 60% off, then I pulled up all the old vinyl flooring and installed new (grey rock looking like stuff - kinda).  We'll build or buy used some floor to ceiling cupboards for the left side and I've decided to use some of our tonnage of rock to create a backsplash and baseboards, as well as a soapdish and a couple other little things, maybe a bath mat?  I've just got to pick up some parchment paper and then I can start putting tile together.  It's sort of an experiment cause if it works well down here then some form of our own rock will end up in the bathrooms upstairs as well.

Then of course, the shower needs to be recaulked, the hallway refloored and the office/living area, bedroom and hallway painted.  The trim down here is dusky pink.  I bet you're jealous. 

I do love it here though.  The only drawbacks are the mosquitos (hopefully this is just a bad year) and the rain (ditto). 

I am off for the 3 block walk downtown to hit the library.  I'll leave you with a bumper sticker, cause I missed those lots and lots.  :)





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Reader Comments (2)

I kinda feel a bit 60% off. SOooooooo good to read you again. Hugs.

July 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSarsparilla

Love you babe, sending lots your way.

July 21, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJen

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