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Not a Drinker

My laptop, that is...

I'd be a lot more upset at destroying my laptop if I didn't have an external hard drive but as it is, I still lost quite a bit of unrecoverable data. Even more galling is that for two years I had a daily online backup and last month, I had to cancel it because I could no longer afford it.

Guess when the new Toshiba arrives, that'll be one of the first orders of business.

I am glad I have enough money now to replace it and it can be written off partially through the business but still....arg. For now, my housemates have lent me one of theirs so it's nice to be back on the 'net.

After a busy week which included a visit from a friend and unloading the second of the VERY LARGE trucks into a house so full of boxes it's indescribable, I'm taking a couple of days off before getting back to business.

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August 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSarsparilla

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